Mobile Medical Equipment

Is Your Medical Equipment on the Move?

Medical equipment is not limited to the hospital or doctors’ office. Many medical practitioners have mobile equipment that provides diagnostic services across a region. This equipment needs the right coverage to protect the equipment in the event of loss.

BFM offers the AAIS Mobile Medical Equipment Coverage for this business. We offer coverage for property damage; income loss and the policy can be endorsed to broaden the coverage to include other exposures for this class of business.

All equipment must be scheduled with a specific limit for each item. A catastrophe limit applies to the policy.

If the additional coverages endorsement is added, you must specify the limit for each coverage. The default waiting period for rental reimbursement is 72 hours.

Form IM 7304 12 04

Mobile Medical Equipment Coverage

Property Covered
Mobile Medical Equipment and similar property

Debris Removal

Expediting Expenses

Pollutant Cleanup

Endorsements Available
IM 7311 Additional Coverages Endorsement
  • Medical Supplies
  • Newly Purchased or Leased Equipment
  • On-Board Electronics
  • Recharge of Fire Extinguishing Equipment
  • Rental Reimbursement
IM 7313 Income Coverage Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown of Equipment

80%, 90%, 100% Other

Actual Cash Value or Replacement cost

Civil Authority
Earth Movement or Volcanic Eruption
Nuclear Hazard
Sewer Backup and Water Below the Surface
War and Military Action

Any of the included limits can be increased to suit the needs of your client.