Installation Floater

Does your client install something? If so, they need an installation floater

Most property policies do not cover your property away from described premises. If there is no builders risk policy for the project, where is the insurance for your goods that are in process of being installed? This can be a significant gap in coverage for your client.
BFM can offer you comprehensive coverage for installation projects using several AAIS forms. A comparison matrix below to help you select the form that best fits your needs.

Any of the included limits can be increased to suit the needs of your client.

The program can be enhanced with endorsements that include:

  • Delay in Completion (soft costs)
  • Equipment Breakdown And Testing
  • Contract Penalty
  • Plans, Blueprints and Drawings
While this coverage is most frequently associated with trade contractors, you should also look to other firms
that do installation work. Installing new computer equipment, new office furniture and fixtures are other types
of installation exposures.
The coverage is needed by contractors who perform remodeling where there is no builders risk policy
to protect their work.