Broadcast Towers

Equipment and Tower Coverage

One of the most traditional coverages for inland marine insurance is coverage for Broadcast Equipment and Towers. The coverages for this class of business have evolved as communication equipment and communication types have changed. BFM can provide your customer with the coverage to keep the signal strong.

These two forms offer coverage that is designed for broadcast tower and broadcast equipment risk or a risk that has broader exposures for broadcast and computer equipment, computer software, telecommunications equipment and the towers and dishes.

Form IM 7304 12 04

Mobile Medical Equipment Coverage

Income coverage is available for both forms IM 7611 04 04 Equipment and Towers –Income Coverage Part. This form provides earning and extra expense or extra expense only. Coverage applies at schedule locations indicated on the schedule of coverages. The income form includes the following coverage extensions and supplemental coverages.

Supplemental Marine Coverage

Income Coverage Extensions
  • Interruption by Civil Authority - 30 days
  • Period of Loss Extension After Business Resumes – 30 days

Supplemental Income Coverages
  • •Newly Acquired Premises $50,000
  • •Earthquake Coverage – Available
  • •Flood Coverage – Available
  • •Backup of Sewer and Drains - Available

Valuation for property can be either replacement cost or actual cash value.
Coinsurance can apply if indicated on the schedule of coverages.