Berkley Fire & Marine Underwriters,
a W. R. Berkley Company, in partnership with NER

BFMU is pleased to provide you with the following information regarding the National Equipment Register, NER, and IRONWATCH is designed to help facilitate information sharing with insurers, equipment owners, and law enforcement. They manage a custom-designed database that records equipment theft and ownership records, offers analytic tools and assistance to the insurance and law enforcement industry, quality-controls the equipment details of loss reports to ensure data accuracy, and employs a skilled team of equipment analysts with close industry contact.

Insurance incentives may apply to your insurance program. Equipment owners may receive premium discounts, deductible waivers, or other considerations if they register their equipment with NER and/or protect their equipment with IRONWATCH technology. Contact your insurance agent for more details.

NER provides a range of unique recovery and risk management services for:

  • Equipment Owners
  • Equipment Buyers and Sellers
  • Insurers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Equipment Manufacturers

IRONWATCH® is a GPS tracking and recovery device geared specifically for the construction, farm, and industrial industries. There are no monthly fees for IRONWATCH and it is offered on the nationwide AT&T network.