Risk Management – Contractors Equipment


A comprehensive risk management program can help you control exposures to loss. Berkley Fire and Marine wants to help by providing information and additional resources to help you hold on to your hard earned dollars.

Please check this page periodically, as we continually update it with new information, resources and seasonal topics. “An ounce of prevention,” can have a big impact on reducing the cost and downtime associated with a loss. BFM is here to help.

Contractors Equipment

Theft is the most frequent loss event for equipment owners. Learn about the BFM GPS program in conjunction with NER IronWatch. We offer equipment discounts and locating services in the event of a theft.

You can take other measures to combat equipment theft.   Learn More >>

Losses in transit and on site rollovers are a leading dollar loss cause. Operator training and qualified transit providers are the key to reducing your exposure to these losses. Online training providers have video training that can be accessed on demand for your employees.

Fire is the highest dollar cost event. Equipment maintenance, hydraulic hose replacements programs and routine cleaning of the machine are the controls for this exposure.