Cargo Recovery Network – The CargoNet recovery network is integrated with multiple law enforcement systems and works to quickly communicate pertinent cargo theft details to agencies and cargo theft task forces on a local, state, regional, and national level to assist in recovery efforts.

Investigative Support – The CargoNet operations team collects information to aid in member cargo theft investigations. The information collected is uploaded into the CargoNet database to assist law enforcement agents in the identification of stolen cargo.

CargoNet Command Center – The CargoNet command center, available 24 hours a day, becomes an extension of your security program.
Demonstrate to your clients that having a 24/7/365 operations center can assist with:

  • Recovery efforts
  • Communicating with law enforcement agencies
  • Data collection and aggregation
  • Cargo theft report generation
  • Post-theft data aggregation
  • Stolen cargo identification


Member Alerts – CargoNet members receive theft alerts regarding cargo theft events, suspicious activity, fictitious pickups, identity theft, reverse 911, etc.

Education / Awareness – Tips and best practices, quarterly webinars, white papers, interactive training platform, and holiday advisories.

Weekly Newsletters – CargoNet members receive weekly newsletters, which include incident reports, theft trend analysis, and industry news events.

Data Analytics

Static Reports – Cargo theft by quarter, month, state, day of the week, location, commodity type, commodity breakdown, loss value range, theft type, and much more.

Monthly Truck Stop Reports – Reports include day of theft, address, commodity stolen and, much more.

Decision Making Support – The use of cargo theft analytics can help you make better business decisions by helping identify the theft risk by, commodity day of the week, value, etc.


Theft deterrent decals and pocket-sized quick reference driver awareness cards provide carriers and drivers best practices to follow post theft event and 24 hour driver support.

Theft Deterrent Decals – CargoNet members who are asset based motor carriers can utilize CargoNet decals for their power units and trailers.

Driver Awareness Cards – CargoNet member employees are provided with quick reference cards that give them the information they need and steps to take should they become a cargo theft victim.

CargoNet Database

CargoNet 2.2 – CargoNet's database receives and integrates cargo theft data from law enforcement, Insurers, transportation companies, manufacturers, and retailers. Theft victims, insurers, and law enforcement may enter data online using internal investigation and claims management systems or industry wide databases such as ISO ClaimSearch. Theft victims may, also, call CargoNet's 24-hour call center.

CargoNet Member Portal – The member portal aggregates our weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual theft reports, monthly truck stop reports, webinars, tips, best practices, member discounts, online training, and more.


AlertSEARCH provides advanced search functionality to actionable intelligence within the CargoNet database. It can be utilized to directly reduce your chances of becoming a cargo theft victim. AlertSEARCH allows you to search CargoNet's extensive archive of alerts by any suspect name, phone number, email address, and much more. Ultimately, anything you can think of can now be searched and used to help you avoid identity theft, fictitious pickups, other transportation related scams and aide in your carrier validation efforts.


Legislation Support - CargoNet provides cargo theft analytics to aid associations and law enforcement to lobby for stricter cargo theft penalties.

Arrests & Convictions - Due to our investigation support we have aided law enforcement in arresting dozens of cargo thieves since 2009.