Risk Management – Builders’ Risk


A comprehensive risk management program can help you control exposures to loss. Berkley Fire and Marine wants to help by providing information and additional resources to help you hold on to your hard earned dollars.

Please check this page periodically, as we continually update it with new information, resources and seasonal topics. “An ounce of prevention,” can have a big impact on reducing the cost and downtime associated with a loss. BFM is here to help.

Builders' Risk

Buildings under construction have unique exposures to loss. In 2014 a series of high profile builders risk fires highlighted the vulnerability of construction projects to devastating fire losses.

While fires garnered the headlines, less dramatic but frequent losses also cause builders and owners headaches. Consider putting a plan in place to address water hazards, theft and storm losses in addition to a fire prevention plan.

Using a portable alarm system at a builder risk project can help you monitor the site for theft prevention, fire detection, water detection and low temperature monitoring. BFM clients can get a 20% discount on hardware for a Tattletale Portable wireless alarm system.   Get Discount >>

Fire Safety for Construction Projects

A series of high profile construction fires in 2015 have prompted the industry to develop resources for fire prevention and to assist fire departments with their response to construction projects.

The American Wood Council recently released three online manuals that offer developers, fire departments and building departments on how to prevent and reduce fire losses in buildings under construction.

During construction buildings are more vulnerable to fire loss as the passive fire walls and fire barriers are not completed. Fire suppression and detection systems that protect the final product are not in service.

Click the links below to download these manuals:

Hot Work During Construction of Large Buildings —   Download >>
Fire Department's Role in Prevention and Suppression of Fires —   Download >>
Basic Fire Precautions During Construction of Large Buildings —   Download >>