Builders’ Risk Coverage Differences

Water Intrusion

Our forms have full limit coverage for this peril — You can add limitations and exclusions for a premium savings.


Theft is a major concern. Some carriers add limitations and exclusions. Our policy has full coverage. You do have the option of adding limitations and specific exclusions for premium savings.

What about earning a deductible waiver for the use of a portable alarm system or watchman? Ask how protecting your project can mean savings at time of loss.

Historic Preservation Tax Credits

Do you have the right coverage for the tax credits on your historic preservation project? We can offer coverage for these exposures

  • Delay In Receiving Tax Credit
  • Loss of Tax Credit
  • Waiver of Certification Requirement can be Included

Partial Occupancy

Does your builder intend to allow the owner to occupy part of the structure? If so you need to be sure your policy allows this use.

The Occupancy And Use provisions under Additional Coverage Limitations are deleted, and permission is granted to occupy covered “buildings or structures” after the date indicated below:

Month ______ Day ______ Year ____________

Claim Preparation Expenses

There can be expenses involved in organizing and collecting the documents to substantiate a claim. You can offer your client coverage for this exposure.

Claim preparation expenses means the cost of:

  • Taking Inventory
  • Acquiring Independent Appraisals
  • Services Provided by accountants, contractors, or engineers but only for the purposes of determining the extent or amount of a covered loss.

Expediting Expenses

Would having additional funds to move the restoration process faster be of benefit to your client? Adding expediting coverage or increasing the provided limit should be considered.

Expediting Expenses include, but are not limited to, additional:
  • Labor or Overtime
  • Transportation Costs and Storage Expense
  • Expense to Rent Additional Equipment
  • Similar Construction Expenses